Mr. CHEONG Yuen Kay
Senior Manager, GloPerformance Consulting Group
CHEONG Yuen Kay, Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Singapore

Mr. Cheong Yuen Kay has more than 20 years of experience in banking. He joined Citibank in 1977, as Operations Assistance Manager, Singapore; and moved up the corporate ladder to be Regional Operations Head, Asia Pacific Citicorp Services.

After five years in Citibank, Yuen Kay decided on a career switch, and was appointed Vice President – Bank America Cheque Corp., Asia, where he managed the bank’s travellers cheques business in Asia.

Yuen Kay returned to Citicorp in 1986, and was made Vice President, Global Payment Products, Asia Pacific. He was responsible for the sales and marketing of travellers cheques, draft, remittances through electronic POS delivery systems Citiagent and Worldlink.

By 1993, Yuen Kay was Vice-President, Citibank Global Cash Management Services, Asia where he was instrumental in building sales teams in the PRC, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He was also key in transforming the business from operations-centered to adopting the cash-management approach.

Yuen Kay left Citibank in 1993 to pursue his interests, and is now fully engaged in training. He specializes in sales, leadership, team building, managing change, customer service and negotiations. Clients include: banks and financial institutions such as Citibank, Standard Chartered, American Express, and MNCs like Dupont, Sealand, Kodak. Yuen Kay has conducted training in countries throughout Asia as well as in the US.