GloPerformance Consultants and Areas of Expertise

Mr. Augustine K W WONG

President, GloPerformance Consulting Group
FCA (England & Wales), CPA (S’pore), AMBIM
Areas of Specialty: Cash Flow, Financial, IPO, Management Accounting, Merger & Acquisition
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Mr. LEE Chow-Han
Senior Vice President, GloPerformance Consulting Group
BBA (Major - Finance) (Wisconsin), Certified Master Trainer Diploma, Institute of New York, Certified Trainer, YORK® Premier Performance Process (P3)
Areas of Specialty: Business Performance Process, Continuous Improvement, General Management
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Mr. CHEONG Yuen Kay
Senior Manager, GloPerformance Consulting Group
CHEONG Yuen Kay, Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Singapore Singapore (B.A. C.Ed)
Areas of Specialty: Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Managing Change, Customer Service, Negotiation
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Strategic Alliance Partner, GloPerformance Consulting Group
John THOMAS, B.A., B.Soc. Sci (Hons) (S’pore), LL.B (Hons) (Manchester), Barrister at Law (Grays Inn, London), Advocate & Solicitor (S’pore)
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Director, Business Development, GloPerformance Consulting Group
Ashim MOCHTAR, Professional Management Consultant, SPECS; Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM), KM Institute, Washington D.C., USA
Areas of Specialty: Strategic Management
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Ms. Lina TAN
Director of Marketing, GloPerformance Consulting Group
Lina TAN, Bachelor of Business Administration (NUS); Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
Areas of Specialty: Strategic Planning, Marketing Management, Marketing Communications
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Ms. LIM Bee Lian
Director, Marketing Communications and Public Relations, GloPerformance Consulting Group
LIM Bee Lian, Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada), Master of Business Administration (Concordia University)
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Mr. Ethan Chan
IT Manager, GloPerformance Consulting Group
Ethan Chan, Bachelor IT (NUS), MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer)
Area of Specialty: IT Solutions, Web & Digital Marketing

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