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Who We Are

GloPerformance Consulting Group coaches owners, CEOs and top executives of SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) to develop long-term competitive advantages for profitable and sustainable growth.

GloPerformance believes in coaching, mentoring, and sharing knowledge with clients; and this approach is pervasive in all our programs, and consultancy and networking services. It is more than just completing a project. It is a partnership that ensures our clients receive tangible value and even insight that can enable them to grow their business locally and internationally. This is our philosophy and goal.

What We Are

Our flagship program, Chief Executive Strategic Learning, is practical, interactive, and results-oriented. It is developed, designed and conducted by experienced consultants, professional trainers and business gurus. This executive program comprises structured workshops and coaching sessions that focus on honing creative problem solving skills and strategic planning abilities. In addition, GloPerformance offers customized programs for owners and managers to improve business performance.

GloPerformance also provides consultancy services; high-level, one-on-one coaching; and even networking services and customized training and development programs. Our team of highly qualified and committed consultants with diverse industry experience and expert knowledge, is focused on addressing the unique needs of SME chiefs. GloPerformance consultants excel in providing clients real value and benefits in all critical areas of business.