Networking is critical for businesses to grow and survive. GloPerformance recognizes this, and provides a portal or a contact point for SMEs to network with local, regional and global businesses.

For information about our networking programs and overseas partners, please contact LEE Chow-Han, mobile, 9147-4849 or email:


GloPerformance is proud to announce partnership with LETRAH International Corporation and WHK Horwath, EIS and a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Global Business Resource Center (UWW GBRC). These collaborative partnerships help local businesses obtain access to global marketing opportunities.

Working with LETRAH, GloPerformance is able to provide integrated services for managing projects and distributing products globally. It is ideal for companies looking to develop and introduce new products to the global market, as well as those looking to source or expand internationally.

Collaborating with WHK Horwath, EIS (Enterprise Intelligence Services), a pioneer in the field of Performance Management “Analysis-One”, assists businesses of all sizes, cultures and across all major industry segments to measure, monitor, interpret and manage financial and non-financial performance. “Analysis-One” is a web-based application suite that employs sophisticated performance measurement and assessment tools, providing quick, visual reports on the organizations health, weaknesses and value.

The partnership with UWW GBRC on the other hand underscores the vital importance of business networking, research, collaboration, the new knowledge and applications it creates, and the knowledgeable and skilled human resources developed through the process of conducting research and collaboration.