GloPerformance Chief Executive Strategic Learning

GloPerformance experienced consultants and professional trainers developed and designed this executive program to hone creative problem solving skills and strategic planning abilities. In today’s highly competitive and fast changing business landscape, entrepreneurs and managers cannot afford to be left behind. Highly interactive, and group-based, the Chief Executive Strategic Learning program is more than learning. It is also about sharing, exchanging, developing and growing.

It aims to:

  • Inculcate best practices to business owners and CEOs from various industries
  • Make and execute effective business decisions based on benchmarking decision-process
  • Crystallize strategic thinking on introducing change, improving managerial skills, and sharing business experiences
  • Accelerate and share learning process by tapping the wisdom of other CEOs from different industries
  • Network, expand and explore contacts and business opportunities with group members
  • A neutral "sounding board” for new business ideas
  • Improve business and personal performance

The Program comprises

Twelve highly interactive workshop sessions:

  • Over a six-month period and fortnightly
  • Facilitated by GloPerformance professional trainers and business gurus with management and operational experience spanning a wide spectrum of industries
  • Cover the areas of Business Planning; Marketing Management; People Management & Development; and Financial & Efficiency Management

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Six personalized coaching sessions:

  • Monthly coaching by GloPerformance consultants with successful track records and achievements
  • Identify targets and objectives, and implement action plans for realizing results

GloPerformance consultants have developed management performance programs to fit different needs and requirements of our clients. To learn more about these customized programs click here.